Ten Round Hen is the illustration station of Melbourne based artist Alex Hallahan (He/Him). 
In his work, he thoroughly enjoys exploring themes of being human but not necessarily using the human form to do so. He takes influence from his colourful 80's childhood imbued with a self-professed strangeness to bring to life characters and stories that often feel worn in but never worn out. 
Recurring themes in his work are often challenging or misunderstood emotions; such as loneliness, isolation, fear, and anxiety but expressed in a way that feels light, imaginative, and thought-provoking. He delights in bringing what's lurking in the shadows out into the light. 
Environmentally supercharged, Ten Round Hen loves to shed light on environmental issues/themes and seeks to work with brands/companies/people who share his passion for an environmentally sustainable future.
Ten Round Hen is suited to (but not limited to) editorial illustration, poster art, conceptual illustration, illustrative branding, line art, spot illustrations, book cover/character illustration, hand-drawn/textured look, and patterns.
Outside of Ten Round Hen Alex writes and sings songs in bands and writes stories.
Melbourne Illustrator
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